White papules - PPP: Pearly Penile Papules Facts and Treatment

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What Are Those White Bumps Under Head of Shaft?

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Possible Causes Of 'White Bumps' On Hands And Fingers

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Causes of the White Bumps on Lips

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A neonate with white papules on the face

Papules white White papules

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White Bumps On Lips Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatments

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Infant with Diaper Rash and White Bumps

Zinc oxide cream is used to treat irritant dermatitis, which presents with erythematous, smooth, and shiny perineal skin.

  • What if they are not? They are treated via surgical removal.

  • If the bumps are painful, itchy and do not go away after sometime, you need to see your general practitioner to advice on the best medication, since this would indicate an underlying medical condition such as cancer.

White papules on scrotum

Discussion The answer is B: lichen nitidus.

  • A lymphocele can develop from friction and causes lumps or swelling that may appear as white bumps under head of shaft or other areas on body.

  • Or, the painful tongue bumps can affect speech and cause general discomfort in your mouth.

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